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Workplace Protection

Ensure a safe working environment for your staff

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Davpack’s range of workplace protection offers businesses the opportunity to introduce new working measures which is essential for maintaining a safe working environment for all employees. Help prevent the spreading of germs with our clear sneeze guards and cardboard screens, ideal for both office and warehouse environments. We supply various safety signs and posters designed for workplaces, public and communal areas which help display important safety information. View our range of floor markers and hazard tape for social distancing solutions within the workplace.

  1. Sneeze Guard

    Sneeze Guard

    2 Sizes Available
  2. Cardboard Screens

    Cardboard Screens

    1 Size Available
  3. Sale Hand Sanitiser Gel

    Hand Sanitiser Gel

    2 Choices In Stock
  4. Cleaning Wipes

    Cleaning Wipes

    2 Choices Available

Keep your workplace safe for employees with are range of workplace protection items, available fast from Davpack. View our full health and safety range for more workplace solutions or call us on 01332 821200 to speak to a member of our team about how we can help you and your business!