Weighing Scales

One of the biggest and best value ranges of weighing scales online

Whether you want to weigh a 3000kg pallet or check the weight of a precious metal to within 0.01 of a gramme, we can help. Our weighing scales come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for all working environments. From wash down scales designed for wet conditions to suspended retail scales ideal for weighing fruit and veg, you'll find what you need here. For heavy duty weighing, our choice of platform scales can tackle the toughest loads, while at the other end of the scale (sorry!), our pocket scales will measure with an accuracy that will amaze you. With 11 different bench scales, including digital scales and traditional mechanical scales, you'll be spoilt for choice, while our parts counting scales and check weighing scales have the multi function capabilities you need. Making sure you pay the right postage will be easy with our postal scales and letter scales!
  1. Bench Scales

    Bench Scales

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  2. Counting & Check Weigh Scales

    Counting & Check Weigh Scales

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  3. Floor & Platform Scales

    Floor & Platform Scales

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  4. Postal Scales

    Postal Scales

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  5. Retail Scales

    Retail Scales

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