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Work Gloves

Hard-wearing work gloves for safety, comfort and easy handling

Keeping your hands safe and the items you handle well protected is the name of the game here, with a range of work gloves for different tasks, different applications and different hazards. Whether you or your employees carry out manual outdoor construction duties or delicate work with fragile items, we can help. All these gloves are manufactured to a very high standard and are available for rapid delivery at very competitive prices. And don’t forget that if you buy your work gloves in bulk, you can take advantage of our quantity discounts and save even more!

  1. J Flex Gloves

    J Flex Gloves

    For Construction
  2. PVC Gloves

    PVC Gloves

    Waterproof Gloves

Davpack can now offer a complete range of quality protective workplace clothing for all budgets, from safety shoes and helmets to disposable coveralls and face masks. Don’t risk the health and wellbeing of your staff – make sure they have the right protection for the job. If you need any help choosing the right work gloves for your business, give us a call on 01332 821200 and our Sales team will help you look at your options.