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Pallet Wrap & Stretch Film

Pallet wrap and stretch film - big savings on all products

By forming a unit load when used for wrapping pallets, stretch film can improve the stability of products or packages, as well as giving protection from dust, moisture and package pilferage. We're one of the biggest stretch wrap suppliers in the country, able to buy in huge quantities and pass the savings we make on to you. You never need to run out, because we keep all our pallet wrap & stretch film permanently in stock so you can have your order delivered on the next working day when required. And with discounts of up to 25% available on large orders, you win every time!

  1. EconoStretch Value Pallet Wrap

    EconoStretch Value Pallet Wrap

    Handy & Economical
  2. Black Pallet Wrap

    Black Pallet Wrap

    3 Choices In Stock
  3. Sale Blown Stretch Film

    Blown Stretch Film

    7 Choices In Stock
  4. Blown Stretch Film With Extended Cores

    Blown Stretch Film With Extended Cores

    4 Choices In Stock
  5. Cast Stretch Film

    Cast Stretch Film

    View Range
  6. Machine Cast Stretch Film

    Machine Cast Stretch Film

    2 Choices Available
  7. Clear Cast Stretch Film Mini Rolls

    Clear Cast Stretch Film Mini Rolls

    2 Choices In Stock
  8. Blown Stretch Film Mini Roll Starter Kit

    Blown Stretch Film Mini Roll Starter Kit

    2 Choices In Stock
  9. Mini Stretch Film Dispenser

    Mini Stretch Film Dispenser

    Quick And Easy
  10. Standard Stretch Film Dispenser

    Standard Stretch Film Dispenser

    Handy And Effective
  11. 2-Part Stretch Film Dispenser

    2-Part Stretch Film Dispenser

    2 Choices In Stock
  12. Telescopic Stretch Film Dispenser

    Telescopic Stretch Film Dispenser

    Unique Design
  13. HD Bow Stretch Film Dispenser

    HD Bow Stretch Film Dispenser

    Minimises Waste
  14. General Duty Blown Stretch Film Starter Kit

    General Duty Blown Stretch Film Starter Kit

    5 Choices In Stock
  15. Heavy Duty Blown Stretch Film Starter Kit

    Heavy Duty Blown Stretch Film Starter Kit

    5 Choices In Stock
  16. Black Blown Stretch Film Starter Kit

    Black Blown Stretch Film Starter Kit

    Protection & Security

Stretch film is used in pallet wrapping and storage operations to stabilise and hold loads together, and has the added benefit of being good at keeping your products clean and dry. Davpack stocks one of the biggest ranges of pallet wrap in the country, keeping a wealth of different sizes, strengths and colours on hand in our warehouse, ready to send to you when you need it. It’s one of our biggest selling items, and we do tend to buy it by the container load so we can get it cheaper – which means you get it cheaper as well!

When you consider that we each year we sell enough pallet wrap to wrap around the moon, you might conclude that we don’t like to think small on this subject – and most of the time you’d be right! Our biggest roll of machine cast stretch wrap has 1700 metres of the stuff on it, making it the ideal choice for high volume wrapping on a production line. And then there are the even greater savings you can make when you buy in bulk – up to 25% off the basic price on many products in our range.

But we know not everyone needs their stretch wrap film in such quantities or such sizes, so we also keep mini rolls of stretch film on hand – and they are small enough to apply with one hand! With 150 metres of 100mm stretch wrap on a roll, they are ideal for securing and wrapping small parts and products. If you think they might be what you need, why not give it a go - a starter kit containing ten rolls, a dispenser and a cutter is a cheap way of trying them out!

Stretch our pallet wrap, not your budget!
Most of our pallet wrap is made from clear plastic, but you may occasionally want something a little different. Perhaps you need to quickly identify a particular pallet from a crowd; or maybe you have pallets scheduled for different drops on a lorry and you want to be able to group them or easily distinguish one from another. Maybe you just want a little more colour in your life. In which case, we have film in bright red and blue that will really stand out.

It may be that you don’t want anybody to see what it is you’re transporting or storing. After all, we all have secrets sometimes, don’t we? The coloured rolls are good for this and after a few wraps will render the pallet contents hidden. But for total security, we recommend thick black pallet wrap, which will not only keep your contents completely hidden from view, but is also very strong.