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Steel Banding and Strapping Tool For Stainless Steel Strap

The tool for the strongest strapping in all conditions.


Heavy duty stainless steel strapping and banding tool with a built-in cutter for securing items in conjunction with our stainless steel buckles. The tensioning tool keeps parts intact by using a spin handle retaining ring. This stainless steel band tensioning tool can be used with 12mm - 19mm

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From only £74.25 / pack EACH
GBSST £89.10 Inc VAT
  • Tensons & cuts stainless steel
  • Dispatched same day from stock
  • Use with 12-19mm wide strapping
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12 or 19
12 or 19mm strapping
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strap on round and irregular-shaped packs of all sizes. It is used extensively for strapping signs to lamp posts, bundling cylindrical items such as pipes, tubes, poles etc and for any application where a strong, rust-free fixing is essential.

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  • 1. Slide the steel banding on to the buckle and pass it around the object
  • 2. Pass the steel strapping once more through the buckle for added strength
  • 3. Place the stainless steel strap in the opening of the tool nose and grip
  • 4. Turn the handle to apply tension to the stainless steel banding.
  • 5. Pull the handle to cut the steel banding.
  • 6. Hammer down the tabs of the steel buckle to secure the strap in place

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