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Tape Measures

Also referred to as a flexible ruler, the tape measure was originally used by dressmakers or tailors for recording the various measurements needed to make an outfit. Over the years, the function of tape measures has deviated from its intended use and is now used in domestic environments to measure lengths, height and widths such as curtains, carpets or walls alike. Over time, tape measures have become more sturdy to withstand various environments, weathers and uses. With various functions such as self-lock tabs, dual metric sides and end hooks, the advanced features of measuring tapes have made it easier for individuals to use them independently. Why not browse over our range of tape measures and decide which range works best for you? Be sure to look at the different lengths and functionalities we stock, to decide which one would best suit your needs.

  1. Davpack Tape Measures

    Davpack Tape Measures

    Accurate & Reliable
  2. Stanley Tape Measures

    Stanley Tape Measures

    2 Sizes Available