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Desk Trays & Accessories

The starting point for a tidier workplace

If you need a little extra help getting and keeping your desktop organised and presentable, this is the place you need to be. Our range of letter trays, magazine files, desk tidies and so on come in stylish and attractive designs and have been selected with a tidy office in mind. And you can even keep the immediate area around your desk just as tidy, because you’ll also find some smart office waste paper bins here. They’ll even keep your accounts looking good, because all come at typically low Davpack prices, with extra discounts available on larger orders.

  1. Desk Trays

    Desk Trays

    2 Choices Available
  2. A4 Desk Document Holders

    A4 Desk Document Holders

    2 Choices Available
  3. Paper & Book Desktop Racks

    Paper & Book Desktop Racks

    2 Choices Available
  4. Desktop Pen Holder Pots

    Desktop Pen Holder Pots

    1 Choice Available
  5. Desk Tidy & Pen Holder

    Desk Tidy & Pen Holder

    2 Choices Available
  6. Mesh Letter Trays

    Mesh Letter Trays

    1 Choice Available
  7. 3 Level Mesh Letter Trays

    3 Level Mesh Letter Trays

    2 Choices Available
  8. Mesh Magazine Files

    Mesh Magazine Files

    2 Choices Available
  9. Mesh Desktop Organiser

    Mesh Desktop Organiser

    1 Choices Available
  10. Mesh Pen Pots

    Mesh Pen Pots

    2 Choices Available
  11. Mesh Waste Bins

    Mesh Waste Bins

    2 Choices Available
  12. Plastic Office Waste Bins

    Plastic Office Waste Bins

    3 Choices Available
  13. Wire A4 Filing Trays

    Wire A4 Filing Trays

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  14. Desk Monitor Stand

    Desk Monitor Stand

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  15. Laptop Stands For Desks

    Laptop Stands For Desks

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