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Standards for protective footwear as outlined in EN ISO 20345:2011

Basic requirements - Safety footwear must have a 200J toecap.

Explanation of codes used in product descriptions:
- basic requirements for safety footwear met
S1 - basic requirements, plus closed and energy absorbing seat region, and anti static
S2 - as S1 plus water penetration and absorption
S3 - as S2 plus penetration resistance and cleated sole

P - penetration resistance
C - conductive
A – anti static
I – electrically insulating
HI - insulating against heat
CI - insulating against cold
E - energy absorbing seat region
WR – whole footwear resistant to water penetration / absorption
M – metatarsal protection
AN – ankle protection
WRU – water resistant upper only
CR – cut resistant upper
HRO - outsole resistant to hot contact

Slip resistance rating:
– on ceramic surface with “soap”
SRB – on steel with glycerol
SRC – both of the above