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Filing, Folders & Pockets

More filing solutions for the modern office

However you need to file or store those important papers around the office, you’ll find the ideal solution in Davpack’s ever expanding Office and Stationery range. Not only is it more convenient to get your document wallets, punched pockets, suspension files and index tabs from the same place you get your packaging supplies – you could also end up saving with our permanently low prices and generous quantity discounts. And even if you do only need a few things, ordering them now could save an extra delivery charge, or even mean no delivery charge at all if your total net spend exceeds £150.

  1. Clipboards


    9 Choices Available
  2. Subject Dividers

    Subject Dividers

    5 Choices Available
  3. Plastic Index Tabs

    Plastic Index Tabs

    7 Choices Available
  4. Reinforced Coloured Index Tabs

    Reinforced Coloured Index Tabs

    9 Choices Available
  5. A4 Display Books

    A4 Display Books

    9 Choices Available
  6. A4 Clear Folders

    A4 Clear Folders

    Clear & Hardwearing
  7. A4 Punched Pockets

    A4 Punched Pockets

    Strong & Durable
  8. Heavy Duty Punched Pockets

    Heavy Duty Punched Pockets

    3 Choices Available
  9. Clear Display Card Holders

    Clear Display Card Holders

    3 Choices Available
  10. Popper Files & Plastic Folders

    Popper Files & Plastic Folders

    10 Choices Available
  11. Zip Bags A4, A5 Wallets

    Zip Bags A4, A5 Wallets

    4 Choices Available
  12. A4 Report Files

    A4 Report Files

    5 Choices Available
  13. A4 Clip Files

    A4 Clip Files

    6 Choices Available
  14. Swing Fasten Clip Files

    Swing Fasten Clip Files

    1 Choice Available
  15. Clamp Binders

    Clamp Binders

    View Range
  16. Document Wallets

    Document Wallets

    9 Choices Available
  17. A4 & A3 Document Wallets

    A4 & A3 Document Wallets

    4 Choices Available
  18. Elasticated Folders

    Elasticated Folders

    6 Choices Available
  19. Elasticated Organiser Files

    Elasticated Organiser Files

    3 Choices Available
  20. Spring Coil Transfer Files

    Spring Coil Transfer Files

    7 Choices Available
  21. Suspension Files For Filing Cabinets

    Suspension Files For Filing Cabinets

    4 Choices Available