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Ring Binders, Lever Arch Files & Box Files

Low cost filing solutions delivered fast

Assuming that you’ve so far failed to banish the need for paper from your offices, you’re probably going to need something to keep all your documents and paperwork organised. Our new and expanded office and stationery department can now bring you a wide selection of ring binders, box files and lever arch files designed to do the job reliably and at low cost. And by ordering your filing requirements at the same time as your packaging materials, not only could you save on the extra delivery charges you might have had to pay, and because you’d have less invoices, you’d need to order less files in the long run to store them in!

  1. Standard Lever Arch Files

    Standard Lever Arch Files

    4 Choices Available
  2. Coloured Lever Arch Files

    Coloured Lever Arch Files

    9 Choices Available
  3. Plastic Lever Arch Files

    Plastic Lever Arch Files

    10 Choices Available
  4. Board A4 Ring Binders 25mm

    Board A4 Ring Binders 25mm

    6 Choices Available
  5. Plastic A4 Ring Binders 25mm

    Plastic A4 Ring Binders 25mm

    7 Choices Available
  6. Rexel A4 Ring Binders

    Rexel A4 Ring Binders

    Strong & Sturdy
  7. Rexel A5 Ring Binders

    Rexel A5 Ring Binders

    2 Choices Available
  8. Large A4 Ring Binders

    Large A4 Ring Binders

    3 Choices Available
  9. Presentation Ring Binders

    Presentation Ring Binders

    4 Choices Available
  10. Standard Box Files

    Standard Box Files

  11. Coloured Box Files

    Coloured Box Files

    5 Choices Available
  12. Rapesco Plastic Box Files

    Rapesco Plastic Box Files

    4 Choices Available