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Rulers & Hole Punches

Desktop tools no office can do without

Our ever expanding office & stationery section really does contain everything you need to keep your office working effectively. Here you’ll find plastic and metal rulers from 15cm up to a massive 1 metre in length, along with two and four-hole punches for ensuring all your invoices, contracts and documents are ready to be filed.

  1. Clear Plastic Rulers

    Clear Plastic Rulers

    4 Choices Available
  2. Metal Rulers

    Metal Rulers

    3 Choices Available
  3. Single Hole Punches

    Single Hole Punches

    Slim & Robust
  4. Two Hole Punches

    Two Hole Punches

    4 Choices Available
  5. Heavy Duty Hole Punches

    Heavy Duty Hole Punches

    Up To 63 Sheets
  6. Four Hole Punches

    Four Hole Punches

    5 Year Guarantee