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Scissors, Staplers, Clips & Pins

Low cost office supplies now available from Davpack – great prices, fast delivery, superb service

This section offers a tempting selection of office scissors, and staplers of all sizes – plus, of course, the staples to go in them and staple removers to get them out again when you no longer need them. ‘Clips’ covers bulldog, foldback and paper clips, while our ‘pins’ are represented by drawing pins and coloured push pins, ideal for use on notice boards.

But you’ll also find here all common sizes of rubber bands, along with coloured rubber thimblettes to help count notes and sort documents, and treasury tags for holding together punched sheets of paper.

  1. Desk Scissors

    Desk Scissors

    5 Choices Available
  2. Wescott Titanium Scissors

    Wescott Titanium Scissors

    2 Choices In Stock
  3. Mini Stapler & Staples

    Mini Stapler & Staples

    1 Choice Available
  4. Desk Stapler & Staples

    Desk Stapler & Staples

    3 Choices Available
  5. Rexel Meteor Metal Desk Stapler & Staples

    Rexel Meteor Metal Desk Stapler & Staples

    2 Choices Available
  6. Large Heavy Duty Stapler

    Large Heavy Duty Stapler

    5 Choices Available
  7. Long Arm Stapler

    Long Arm Stapler

    Largest Size Available
  8. Staple Remover

    Staple Remover

    Simple To Use
  9. Paper Clips

    Paper Clips

    4 Choices Available
  10. Fold Back Clips

    Fold Back Clips

    6 Choices Available
  11. Bulldog Grip Clips

    Bulldog Grip Clips

    5 Choices Available
  12. Drawing Pins

    Drawing Pins

    3 Choices Available
  13. Notice Board Push Pins

    Notice Board Push Pins

    Bright & Attractive
  14. Rubber Bands

    Rubber Bands

    21 Choices Available
  15. Thimbles & Rubber Thimblettes

    Thimbles & Rubber Thimblettes

    4 Choices Available
  16. Treasury Tags

    Treasury Tags

    6 Choices Available