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Repositionable Sticky Notes

Great value sticky notes delivered fast by Davpack

Such a staple tool in every office in the country, it’s surprising to discover that repositionable sticky notes only first went on sale in 1980. Post-it notes - brand name for the original product launched by 3M – are now available in handy quantities from Davpack, so you can have them delivered direct to your business along with your packaging.

  1. Sticky Repositionable Notes

    Sticky Repositionable Notes

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  2. Recycled Yellow Sticky Notes

    Recycled Yellow Sticky Notes

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  3. Post-It Notes - Yellow

    Post-It Notes - Yellow

    5 Choices Available
  4. Post-It Notes - Coloured

    Post-It Notes - Coloured

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  5. Sticky Tabs & Page Markers

    Sticky Tabs & Page Markers

    7 Choices Available

The original repositionable sticky notes were accidentally invented by a 3M scientist named Dr Spencer Silver in 1968 – he was trying to develop a super-strong adhesive at the time. For the first five years after creating them, Dr Silver touted them around 3M as his ‘solution without a problem’, while he tried to work out a use for the things. Their path towards global domination truly began when another 3M worker used one of Silver’s notes to secure his bookmark in his hymn book, but it still didn’t hit the market until 1980.