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Sticky Tape, Glue & Correction

Stick with Davpack to get the best prices on all your office and stationery essentials

Here we enter the world of sticking and correction. We have all kinds of sticky tape including strong packing tape ideal for sealing boxes, plus everyday clear tape used in the home and office. We also have speciality tapes like double-sided, masking, invisible and Velcro tape. And those are not the only sticky things here, because you’ll also find blu tack, white tack, glue dots and spray mount.

It’s not as easy as pressing the ‘Delete’ button on a keyboard, but we still need to correct the printed word occasionally and here you’ll find correction fluids, correction pens and correction rollers that will do the job for you quickly and cleanly.

  1. Sticky Tape

    Sticky Tape

    6 Choices Available
  2. Sellotape


    6 Choices Available
  3. Economy Masking Tape

    Economy Masking Tape

    7 Choices In Stock
  4. Sticky Tape Dispensers

    Sticky Tape Dispensers

    2 Choices Available
  5. Sale 28 Micron Standard Acrylic Tape

    28 Micron Standard Acrylic Tape

    5 Choices In Stock
  6. 33 Micron Vinyl Packaging Tape

    33 Micron Vinyl Packaging Tape

    View Range
  7. Economy Double-Sided Tape

    Economy Double-Sided Tape

    Tough Vinyl Tape
  8. Invisible Tape

    Invisible Tape

    1 Choice Available
  9. Glue Sticks

    Glue Sticks

    3 Choices Available
  10. Pritt Stick Glue Sticks

    Pritt Stick Glue Sticks

    4 Choices Available
  11. Self Adhesive Glue Dots

    Self Adhesive Glue Dots

    View Range
  12. Quick Tac

    Quick Tac

    2 Choices Available
  13. Blu Tack

    Blu Tack

    2 Choices Available
  14. UHU White Tack

    UHU White Tack

    2 Choices Available
  15. Correction Fluid

    Correction Fluid

    Wipe Out Mistakes
  16. Tipp-Ex Correction Fluid

    Tipp-Ex Correction Fluid

    2 Choices Available
  17. Correction Pen

    Correction Pen

    Easy To Use
  18. Correction Roller

    Correction Roller

    Great Value!
  19. Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse

    Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse

    2 Choices Available