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Hook & Loop Tape

The space age resealable tape that also became a trendy fashion accessory

To many people, VELCRO® / hook and loop tape are synonymous. It may have been the original, but since the original patent expired in 1978, this ingenious type of resealable tape can be made by anyone. We give you the choice of buying either that original VELCRO® tape or TEXACRO® brand economy hook and loop tape, which is just as effective - but cheaper! And don’t forget that whichever version you decide to get, you need to make sure you buy one roll of hook tape and one roll of loop tape to make it work!

  1. VELCRO® Brand Coin Tape

    VELCRO® Brand Coin Tape

    4 Ranges Available
  2. VELCRO® Brand Tape

    VELCRO® Brand Tape

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The principle behind this tape was discovered by Swiss engineer George de Mestral, who got the idea after going for a walk with his dog. When he returned home, he had to spend a while pulling burdock seeds out of the dog’s fur and wondered how they got so firmly attached. He put some seeds under a microscope and observed how they were made out of hundreds of tiny hooks. That sparked an idea, but it took ten years of trial and error before he was in a position to patent it. Originally marketed as the ‘zipperless zipper’, it took a while for the idea to take off, but once it did, it did it very well and very literally. Because it was its adoption by NASA as an easy means for astronauts to get in and out of their space suits that brought it into the public consciousness. It hasn’t looked back since!