How much can you save through the econoRANGE?

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The econoRANGE offers a more cost effective alternative to transporting products from A to B.


Are you looking to control your packaging costs? Has a restriction in budget dictated how your business pursues packaging products? Are you looking for  cost effective, yet reliable options?

The econoRANGE of essential packaging products highlights the need for product protection with perfect presentation (the 4 P’s). Trying these economy options for your packaging can save £££’s in the long run!

Let us look into how the econoRANGE  is able to apply the 4P’s into various packaging options, whilst simultaneously saving on overall costs…


The Product Protection

We’ve established the ultimate purpose of packaging is to protect items from damage, with all packaging needing durability on the outside for items in transit. Depending on the nature of the product, extra packaging may also be needed to protect products internally.

Commonly used as a protective system, econoBUBBLE bags are not only therapeutic for some customers, but also ideal for businesses looking to protect small to medium sized products quickly and efficiently. Effective for wrapping and cushioning in transport, removals, construction, furniture and automotive industries, econoBUBBLE rolls can be used for those bulkier items.

Starting from as little as 5p, the econoBUBBLE range is therefore available in both bags and rolls. In comparison to the branded equivalents, huge cost savings can be made, extremely useful for businesses who look to protect their goods whist in transit, whilst reducing customer returns rates through damage.


The Perfect Presentation

Not all products manufactured together are designed with the intention of fitting in the same size box, which is why we have over 13 different popular sizes of our econoBOX, in packs of 20 or 25, to appeal to start up businesses that want to try out different options without having large stock commitments.

With the largest size available from only 98p per box, this range supports growing businesses by also having no minimum order quantity and next day delivery options for ease of stock management. Custom made boxes are also available, manufactured to exact size specifications, ideal for those products which need a tight fitting box without excess void fill.


The Extra ‘P’

Custom printed boxes on the other hand, add the extra ‘P’ for professionalism, and make the perfect presentable box to show off your brand to those first time customers, helping to gain brand loyalty and that needed repeat business.


So how much can you save through the econoRANGE, head over to our econoRANGE, add samples to your next order and give us your review.

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