What Not to Forget When Moving Home – The Essentials Checklist

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Moving Kits from DavpackWhen moving home there are a lot of things you need to do at various times, before and during the day when you actually move.

Once you know you’re going to move you’d be well advised to brainstorm all of the tasks that need doing, bullet point them into an ‘essentials checklist’ and put it in chronological order.

A good example of this may be:

At least two months before you move:

  • Removal companies – Get quotes and make sure you check out their reviews.
  • Van rental companies – If moving yourself, ensure you get at least three quotes and check the T&Cs for what is included / excluded.
  • Start to de-clutter – Throw out, take to the tip for recycling or give to charity what you don’t actually want to take with you!
  • Document file – Put together a new file for all the new paperwork relating the move itself. Keep this checklist at the front!

One month before you move:

  • Utility companies – Gas, electricity, water, telephone & internet providers. Inform them about the move and check if you can continue your account at your new address.
  • Council tax – Contact your local council and inform them of your new address and the date of the move.
  • Buildings and contents insurance – Again, inform your provider and if you’re moving yourself, check if your contents will be covered whilst in transit.
  • Packing – What packing materials you will need? Some items require little protection and others a lot more. This may sound daunting but help is available! Davpack are experts in this field and they offer everything from individual boxes, rolls of tape and bubble wrap to complete home moving kits.
  • Fridge, freezer & food cupboards – start to run these supplies down so that you only move as much as you need for the first few days in your new home.

Two weeks before you move:

  • Redirect your post – Do this as late as possible as your redirection will be in place for longer after you move.
  • Clean and tidy – Everything from empty cupboards, the loft, garage, shed and more. Treat your old house in the same way as you’d like to find your new one.
  • Cancel regular deliveries – Milk, newspapers and magazines. Make sure you get and pay a final bill before you move.
  • Communicate – Check that everyone turning up on the day is still booked in to do so, from the removal company to friends and family helping out!

The day before:

  • Disconnect electricals – Freezer, fridge, washing machine and any electrical items that require defrosting or draining before being moved.
  • Moving survival kit – Put together a box or file containing tea coffee and kettle, list of telephone numbers, food and snacks and anything else to help the day go smoothly.
  • Cash – Make sure you have enough to pay the removals company.
  • Mobile phone – Ensure it’s fully charged – just in case!

Removal day:

  • Move – Ensure everyone knows what they’re doing and where they need to be, when.
  • Meter readings – Note them down at both addresses, and if you get chance, inform the relevant companies straight away.
  • Lock everything – All the windows to doors, the shed and the garage.
  • Keys for your old house – Place them in envelopes and mark them clearly for the new owners.
  • The new address – Make sure someone is there ready to let the movers in.
  • Unload and unpack – Check your possessions as they are unpacked and if necessary make sure you note any damaged items on the removal company’s paperwork.

And finally (though maybe not!)  – Put the kettle on and make sure there are plenty of refreshments as people will appreciate it!

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