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Anti Static Boxes

Anti static solutions to the dangers of electrostatic discharge

Davpack’s range of anti static boxes, dividers and layer pads brings reliable and cost effective protection for your sensitive electronic products and components. With 12 different conductive ideas, which use the ‘Faraday’s Cage’ principle to eliminate the risk of a damaging electrostatic discharge, we’re sure we have the right solution for you – and at a price we think you’ll find hard to match elsewhere. And don’t forget that, as ever with Davpack, the more you buy the more you save, with our fantastic quantity discounts!

  1. Anti Static Transit Boxes

    Anti Static Transit Boxes

    40+ Choices Available
  2. Anti Static Component Boxes

    Anti Static Component Boxes

    16 Choices Available
  3. Anti Static Chip Boxes

    Anti Static Chip Boxes

    12 Choices Available
  4. Anti Static Bin Boxes

    Anti Static Bin Boxes

    15 Choices Available
  5. Anti Static Stackable Tote Bins

    Anti Static Stackable Tote Bins

    9 Choices Available
  6. Anti Static Reel Racks

    Anti Static Reel Racks

    20+ Choices Available
  7. Conductive PCB Holders

    Conductive PCB Holders

    19 Choices Available
  8. Anti Static Polypropylene Divisions

    Anti Static Polypropylene Divisions

    6 Choices Available
  9. Anti Static Coated Divisions

    Anti Static Coated Divisions

    6 Choices Available
  10. Anti Static Conductive Divisions

    Anti Static Conductive Divisions

    6 Choices Available
  11. Anti Static Layer Pads

    Anti Static Layer Pads

    4 Choices Available

When storing and transporting electronic products or components, the last thing you want is an electrostatic discharge (ESD) that could ruin the whole lot! Here you'll find a range of anti static products that will protect your precious and expensive goods from such a disaster. From anti static boxes designed for safe transit to anti static storage boxes, you'll be sure to find the answer to your ESD packaging dilemmas here! Other anti static solutions on offer includes conductive fibreboard divisions and layer pads to keep components apart and prevent electrostatic build-up. In fact, whatever electronic items you need to pack safely and with total confidence, we can supply the anti static packaging you need, when you need it!