Eco-Friendly Edge and Corner Protection

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If you’re transporting goods from A to B, chances are that at some point youve worried about them getting there undamaged. Luckily for you, cardboard edge and corner protectors are here to help you protect your pallet loads, boxes or large, bulky items. 

With an increasing number of people being more conscious of making their packaging more environmentally friendly it comes as great news that here at Davpack we have a large amount of eco-friendly edge and corner protection products made from recycled cardboard, making them easy to recycle and fully biodegradable. 


Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard edge and corner protectors are an extremely versatile packaging solution and come in different forms. Our standard duty cardboard edge protectors are made from compressed recycled material making them solid board with a rigid shell-like structure. Best suited for protecting the edges of pallets or on the inside corners of boxes to reinforce the structure and prevent sharp corners puncturing the boxes.

Cardboard Edge Protectors

Perforated Cardboard Edge Protectors

Another great option for eco-friendly edge protection is our perforated cardboard edge protectors. These are made from multiple layers of fluted cardboard which adds excellent cushioning properties to prevent damage from impacts. These edge protectors are perforated every 200mm making them quick and easy to tear down to size or make them so that they can be added in sections to the edge of your products. 

Perforated Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard Edge Protector Rolls

If you’re looking for the ultimate flexible edge protection you can opt for cardboard edge protector rolls, being sold in lengths of 100 meters meaning you can cut them down to whatever size your need. These edge protectors also come available with slits, meaning you can use them even on round products such as circular table edges. 

Cardboard Edge Protector Rolls

Corner Protectors

If you’re looking for eco-friendly ways in which to protect corners of your pallets or products, then don’t worry about trying to bodge together a makeshift corner protector from some bits of edge protectors. Here at Davpack, we have specifically designed protective packaging such as our double wall corner protectors, made from a single piece of double-wall cardboard that is folded and locked into shape as well as variations made from moulded corrugated cardboard that are pre-constructed. 

Double Wall Edge Protectors


You can see from above that there are multiple ways in which you can protect the edges and corners whilst still being environmentally friendly. For more information on your eco-friendly edge and corner protection, give us a call 01332 821200. If you want to go further and make more of your packaging environmentally friendly take a look at our eco range!

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