How to get the best out of your heat sealer

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When I buy an exciting new piece of technology, I always want to get it out of the box and start playing with it immediately. This has invariably led to complicated errors and system failures that could have been easily avoided by the simple expedient of reading the instructions first.

But it’s a perfectly natural bit of impatience and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does it. Thankfully, despite my habit of trying to fix any resulting problem by pressing random buttons, no worse consequence than a half hour or so of frustration and unrepeatable language has yet resulted.


Stay cool for best results!

In a similar vein, the temptation when you get a new heat sealer fresh out of the box is to whack the temperature control right up to the maximum and start sealing your polythene bags or layflat tubing as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the consequences here are likely to be that you’ll be needing replacement parts and even a whole new heat sealer much, much sooner than if you treat it carefully.

The best thing you can do is to start by turning the control right down to the minimum. It almost certainly won’t seal at this setting, but that’s okay. Assuming it doesn’t, turn it up one notch and try again. Keep doing this until you find the lowest setting at which it will seal your polythene bags. Once you’ve found your optimum setting, stick with it!

If you need to seal bags made from thicker (or thinner) plastic, start again from a cooler setting so that you are always using the lowest setting possible to seal. It’s the best way of getting the longest working life out of your purchase!


Put safety first – act on impulse!

The heat sealers we sell at Davpack are all impulse sealers, which are very safe to use because no heat is created by just turning the machine on. They work by releasing a quick burst of electricity through a resistance wire, which heats and melts the plastic – but this only happens when you bring the upper jaw into contact with the plastic.

This means that the only way you can hurt yourself is if you try to seal your fingers rather than your plastic bags!

We supply a wide range of quality, low cost sealers, plus spare parts for all our models, with next working day delivery available so you can keep any downtime to an absolute minimum. If you would like more advice on using heat sealers, or any of our wide range of packaging products, call our Sales team now on 0844 800 9844.

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