Increasing Sales in 4 Steps: Step 1

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For a growing business looking to improve sales during quieter periods, refining pre-existing processes can be a cost-effective way to improve your sales figures and keep you profitable. By adopting a well thought out strategy, you can really improve the running of your business and make best use of that extra time in quieter periods to concentrate on the finer details.

With this 3 step guide we aim to help you understand how sales can be increased through the different core stages of a customer’s buying journey, within resources you are currently using.

Step 1:

Ensure Parcels Arrive In Good Condition


Use effective packaging

Hopefully with most of your deliveries arriving with your customers in excellent condition, you may already be reaping the benefits of repeat business. However, for the few parcels that slip through quality control or get poorly handled along the supply chain, this can significantly reduce your customers trust of your processes and essentially your company. So how can a growing business ensure their parcel arrives in good condition?

This one’s simple; use fit for purpose solutions instead of ‘cheap’ packaging! Be sure to compare the specification of the packaging you’re considering, as well as the company’s reputation (Trustpilot is a good place to start). A lower price point can often be achieved by the company choosing to use an inferior board grade. If you’re planning on packing your parcel substantially, structural strength of the outer packaging is essential, with a ‘cheap’ cardboard box unlikely to perform to your expectations.

With this you not only save yourself money in the long run, but you preserve the reputation of your business by using effective packaging to reduce transit damage.

For businesses shipping pre-packed items such as cosmetics, you may find that suspension packaging is the most effective solution. Designed, trialled and tested for the e-commerce and mail order industry, this type of packaging has the sole intention of providing optimal protection from shock and vibration. A perfect solution for delicate items like eye-shadow pallets which can smash if not well protected.

For a quick and easy way to increase repeat business, take good care in ensuring all parcels arrive in good condition


Understanding the packaging market

To ensure you making the most out of your packaging options, take the time out to understand what’s available within the packaging market, including trialling new options to see if they can be of benefit to you and your business.

Investigate if ‘traditional ways’ of packing can be improved with better suited packaging alternatives. Question whether your product can fit into a smaller sized box than you’re currently using, whilst checking the different pricing bands from the Royal Mail to effectively utilize each capacity.

This way you not only give yourself the flexibility to choose how you post your parcel, but by only paying for what you need rather than paying a blanket charge per parcel, you also reduce your delivery costs. More on this here…

By better understanding the packaging market and critically questioning your current options, you can not only increase sales through repeat business (based upon orders arriving in great condition), but also save on costs through eliminating the need for additional void fill material or extra wrapping. As we know when used in excess, these materials can become frustrating for a customers’ unboxing experience and disposal of the packaging after arrival. (More on how to use packaging to advertise to your existing customers in step 2).

Use separate couriers

For businesses selling both economical and premium goods, using an alternative courier to deliver the latter can help build a stronger foundation for repeat business. The extra level of security not only holds the courier accountable but instantly demonstrates to your customer that you value the way your products are being handled. After all, you would not expect a luxury item to be delivered to you in an economy package, with obvious evidence that it has not been handled carefully on its journey to you.

In contrast, if your business deals with large volume orders, bulk quantities or heavy goods, you would expect delivery to be completed by a specialist courier; a pallet delivery company for instance. You can effectively work with providers whose core strengths lie with delivering different types and sizes of parcels, which is likely to save you costs along the way too by not using one option to try to suit all your deliveries.








To conclude, with first impressions often dictating the level of confidence a customer has in your brand, this can be the determining factor as to whether a customer shops with you again. Be sure to try out new packaging materials and review the packaging market for different options available to better protect your product during transit.

Take the time out to complete in-house testing and use a trust worthy courier (or selection of couriers) that are reliable and care about your brand as much as you do. This way you can be sure that your effective use of packaging goes a long way.

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