Five great reasons to get postal packaging from Davpack!

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1 For all your postal needs

The speed and accessibility of the internet means that online mail order retailing is rapidly taking over from the High Street as the preferred place for many consumers to do their shopping. To support this changing marketplace, Davpack provides perhaps the widest range of postal packing supplies available online in the UK. From postal boxes of all shapes and sizes to tough yet lightweight mailing bags in all the colours of the rainbow, and from padded envelopes and Jiffy bags to strong and practical postal tubes, we can provide the right packaging solution for your ecommerce store!


2 Designed with you in mind

Ever since the Royal Mail introduced its pricing in proportion policy, whereby parcel postal rates are determined as much by the size of a package as its weight, mail order companies have had to be more clever when planning their packaging than previously. Many of Davpack’s postal packaging solutions are sized to match those restrictions, which will help you plan and control what you’re spending on your deliveries. Meanwhile, our polythene postal bags have been made from strong, waterproof plastic, but are so lightweight that they won’t be incurring further unnecessary charges!


3 Rapid delivery

With a huge warehouse packed with large quantities of all kinds of packing supplies, Davpack will usually get your postal packaging to you the day after you place your order. That means you can respond quickly to your day-to-day orders, manage your cash flow and maintain stocks at manageable levels. And on the very rare occasion we do run out of stock of your preferred items, our friendly and expert Sales team are here to help you find an immediate alternative that you’ll be happy with!


4 High quality – low cost!

Despite providing perhaps the most cost effective range of postal packaging solutions you’re likely to find in the UK, Davpack never stints when it comes to quality. You might be able to find cheaper products elsewhere, but can you be sure that you’re getting a product that will work from a supplier you can trust? With ISO9001 certification, we’re officially recognised as a quality service provider by the British Standards Institution. Meanwhile, hundreds of our customers have been sharing their experiences with Davpack on Amazon and Trustpilot, and with ratings consistently running at more than 95% positive on both sites, that means you have the reassurance that you’re dealing with a provider that other buyers know and trust!


5 Strong and reliable

You can always be sure that Davpack’s cardboard postal boxes and book boxes will be strong enough to look after your products when you hand them over to a courier or postal service to get them to your customer. Made from top quality cardboard, many have additional features such as tamper-evident sealing, multiple layers of board on each side and extended corners for total protection. You can get the best advice on which of our huge range is right for you and your business by calling our Sales team on 01332 821200, or visit our website and discover more than 3800 packaging products available now for rapid UK delivery.

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