The benefits of running a retail business from your home

running a retail business
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There are many Davpack customers running small mail order businesses from their own homes. It’s the kind of venture the internet is particularly good for, and it has numerous advantages over the traditional high street store.

Firstly, you don’t have to allow for the expenses of rent, rates, lighting, heating and public liability insurance that a normal shop does – and eliminating those overheads can give you a significant head start when competing on price.

Secondly, you’re not limited by time – your customers can browse and shop any time they want to. That’s particularly useful for those who find it difficult to get to a shop during traditional opening hours or for those who are housebound or living in remote areas.

Lastly, your customer base is as big as you want it to be; instead of relying on being able to sell only to whoever happens to walk through your door, savvy internet entrepreneurs who know how Google works can market their products to anyone in the world with a computer. That’s a lot of potential customers!

Naturally, it’s not all plain sailing, and any potential online trader needs to plan carefully before taking the big step of investing in a lot of stock. One of the most important things to consider is how you’re going to get your product to your customer quickly, safely and, if it’s in any way delicate or fragile, in one piece.

One part of achieving that is to find a good, reliable courier who you can trust to deliver within the timeframe you’ve promised your customers, and who will treat your parcels with the care they deserve.

The other thing you need is some tough packaging that will look after the contents without bumping up your postage charges too much. And that’s where we come in!

Whatever it is that you’re dispatching, Davpack almost certainly has the right packaging supplies for you. That could be book boxes with extended corners for added protection, probably the biggest in-stock selection of double and single wall cardboard boxes in the UK, or postal boxes and tubes designed to match the Royal Mail’s large letter and small parcel sizes and thus ensure you don’t spend a penny more than you need to.

Our postal packaging range has been designed to save you money – by cutting down on returns and damages by using stronger boxes, reducing the need for extra protective packaging by providing a box the right size for your product, and preventing you spending too much on your postal charges by helping you stay within Royal Mail price bands.

And, of course, the more parcels you need to dispatch, the more you’re likely to save as our famous quantity discounts kick in!

Our friendly Customer team has the knowledge and expertise to advise you and make sure you buy the right postal packaging first time. Call them now on 01332 821 200, or shop 24/7 at

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Sarah Hickson

With more than seven years experience as a member of the Davpack sales team, there are few who know more about the range of packaging materials we sell than Sarah. She recently left the company to become a full-time mother, but still maintains regular contact with her former colleagues. As well as sharing her own accumulated wisdom and experience on the blog, Sarah is looking forward to passing on stories from the front line of packaging sales. Davpack

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