Craft Business 101: Branding Outside the Box

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The role of the internet in today’s society continues to evolve, from online shopping to online promotions, this modern day distribution channel has proven itself to be an effective starting point for establishing brand awareness. With online retail brands such as ASOS, Zalando and BooHoo, demonstrating year on year that virtual reality business models can turn into extremely successful businesses.

Despite no physical high street presence, these online retailers demonstrate a successful application of branding outside the box, with their deliveries. Techniques utilised to increase customer loyalty and recruit new customers.

So how can you do it?

Customised Outer Packaging

Custom printed packaging is no longer an exclusive marketing technique for the big boys within the industry.

With smaller minimum purchases available, growing businesses no longer have to commit to 10 year’s worth of packaging in order to secure reasonable cost savings. And with a large variety of packaging options available, growing businesses can benefit from experimenting and exploring with different packaging options, until they find the right fit.

The way in which a package arrives displays the value the organisation places on the product. Take for instance a luxury item that has been packaged in an economy type packaging – this would fail to gain buyer confidence if the item arrived without sufficient packaging to protect the product and ensure it arrives in immaculate condition.

It is essential to select a supplier that provides your customers with consistency and flexibility for your business needs.

So consider dedicating time throughout the year to build your brand offline and refine your packaging techniques.

First, look into the different ranges you currently offer and identify if each product could be packaged differently. Then as customers start to commend you on your packaging choice, be sure to re-tweet their comments or send something cheerful in the post as an appreciation for their feedback.

Customised Packaging Tape

People notice the little details these days – and packaging is no exception. As a business you could be currently using tape as a reinforcement technique, but why not make full use of the product to work for your business. Customised tape is an extremely cost effective way of displaying a message to your customers.

Customising your tape with your company slogan, sponsored charity or short greeting message would make your business stand out from the crowd.

In addition to this, transit monitors would establish customer confidence in your product, as they offer a clear indication on how the product was handled throughout the transit process. These live feedback monitors are also designed to give you, the sender, further piece of mind.

Customised Void Fill

High value and fragile items would undoubtedly need protective packaging on the inside, so why not utilise your current void fill and get it customised with your company brand. Customised tissue paper not only acts as product protection, but also serves as a marketing tool to relay a final message to the customer.

Handmade jeweller for instance that may consider customised tissue paper as an initial step into the world of customised products.

With the expert knowledge you have of your business, consider the different ways in which you can benefit from using your current void fill as a promotional tool for your brand. Then take the time out to search for the right supplier and get your business marketed better.

Bespoke Packaging

Consumers are becoming more and more environmentally concerned about the way in which products are delivered, therefore it is essential when selecting packaging that is size appropriate.

While good packaging tips will always advise that empty spaces are filled with sustainable products, ordering packaging that suits the exact size of your product will avoid the need for excessive packaging to be used. Therefore save your business cost by ordering packaging that is the right size for your goods!

When researching into the type of packaging needed, be sure to give the internal dimensions required for the product, not forgetting to specify if your product needs to fit a particular pricing category, Royal Mail small parcel dimensions for instance.

Even a basic logo printed onto the top of your packaging can help to boost your brand and show your customers that your business is more than just a hobby. Think of your packaging as an extension of your brand, and how it can reflect the quality of your products.

Contemplate using custom printed boxes and tape to promote your company, make sure your parcels get noticed and let your customers know you mean business. Get some free quotes and find out just how affordable it is!

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  1. I like the idea of customized packing tape. It’s eye-catching and really sets the product apart from all those with clean “nothing” tape!

    Thanks for the ideas!

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