The Curse of the Bashed-Up Boxes

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With HALLOWEEN just around the corner and the Christmas trading period also fast approaching, we thought it was a good time to revisit a subject we looked at a few months ago and give it a SPINE-CHILLING seasonal twist.

Every year, as increasing numbers of us shop on the internet, more and more parcels are dispatched and delivered in the UK, with the peak period happening in the run-up to Christmas. And when the choice is between shopping on a crowded and cold/wet/windy/snowy high street (depending on which kind of FRIGHTFUL weather we’re going to have this winter!), and the comfort of your own home (perhaps with a roaring fire and a glass of wine by your side), why wouldn’t you get someone else to do all the hard work – especially when it often works out cheaper into the bargain.

But there is a risk attached as well, one to STRIKE FEAR INTO THE VERY HEART of each and every mail order supplier, because between being dispatched and being received, each parcel has to pass through the hands of someone who may not care if it arrives in a GHASTLY state quite as much as the seller and the buyer.

There’s not a lot the buyer can do about it except to trust to luck, but if you’re the seller there is a lot you can do, and that’s why, before you start mailing out the bulk of your Christmas orders, we thought we’d remind you of…

(and how to prevent them)

We won’t go over the whole thing again in this blog, because you can see all the details by clicking on the link we’ve placed in the first paragraph. What we have done, though, is to create this SPOO-OO-OOKY infographic, which not only illustrates the key things you need to remember, but does so in a way that will remind you of just how GRUESOME it can be to receive a damaged parcel.

So, if you want to avoid the NIGHTMARE of your customers getting a TRICK rather than a TREAT when your orders arrive, just follow our simple rules to make sure your parcels and postal boxes have more than just a GHOST of a chance of arriving in a good condition.

For even more advice on how to avoid the GRAVE consequences of poorly packed parcels, don’t forget you can also call 01332 821200 to talk to our EVIL Sales team (only joking, they’re lovely really!).

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