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For our third customer appreciation post, Davpack spoke with Ellen from BAM Botanics – one of the founders alongside her friend, Kat. The company is incredibly passionate about sustainability, selling plants, pot hangers, and hand-designed pots, we learned about their inspiration behind creating BAM Botanics and how they have found their journey with the business.

The Making of BAM Botanics

Ellen explained how BAM Botanics first came into play when she moved into a flat with her friend. They took photographs of the property and made furniture during renovation, which turned into both her and Kat trying to make objects to sell – starting with hand-painted plant pots. The plant pots proved to be more popular amongst consumers than anything else, so Kat and Ellen decided to direct their business toward plants, pots, and hangers. Ellen was a florist at the time therefore, used her knowledge of foliage to benefit the new business. If you look at BAM Botanics’ designs, you can see they have very cool, funky, and interesting patterns painted on them. When asked about how they thought of these motifs Ellen stated that both women “owned a rug that consisted of an ‘Aztec-type’ pattern and so, took inspiration from that”. Ellen went on to explain that influence can derive from anything, if either Ellen or Kat notice a design that appeals to them, they will use it when painting the plant pots or producing the hangers; “it is never from one specific place, inspiration can occur anywhere we look”.

Ellen and Kat have always been passionate about sustainability, always wanting to do their bit when it comes to helping the environment. Now more than ever it is so important, and Ellen expressed how they both “wanted to make sure that we were doing everything that we could to not be adding to the problem” in order to help the Earth.

Proud of BAM Botanics

When asked what her proudest achievement was whilst owning the company, Ellen’s response was how she has proved to herself that she could “stick with it” and never give up on the business. “A lot of people find a hobby which they turn into a new business, but they can be quite sort lived” Ellen further stated how both herself and Kat have kept the company alive for over two years and do not intend to stop anytime soon. BAM Botanics just keeps growing and the passion is not dying for either woman into abandoning the plant-based company.

The pandemic and national lockdown have caused BAM Botanics sales to increase rapidly, which has been positive for the business however, unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, workshops held by both Kat and Ellen have had to be postponed. Ellen expressed how it was nice to chat with people and teach them something new. This occurred especially in the Macrame workshops, when at the end of each session, you would feel each individual’s sense of achievement. Both Kat and Ellen miss the workshops and cannot wait for them to restart again when restrictions are lifted, and the government allows.

Davpack’s part within BAM Botanics

The girls discovered Davpack through a simple Google search. “We were just looking for somewhere where we could get our packaging from in one place. Somewhere where the packaging was plastic-free, biodegradable, and had some sort of eco-credentials” Ellen stated. Kat and Ellen seemed to find that when shopping elsewhere, prices on recycled materials for postal packaging tended to fluctuate a lot. “Davpack has such a massive selection, so it has enabled us to grow what we buy from you as we increase our range of products”. Ellen went on further to express how she liked that at Davpack we plant a tree (with no extra charge for customers!) on every order. It is a feature of ordering from us that makes BAM Botanics feel better about purchasing products online.

At Davpack, we are always happy to hear that we can help our customers fully protect their items and keep the environment free of harm. With all our boxes being made from at least 75% recycled cardboard alongside, offering a large eco-friendly range. If you are interested in buying from the sustainable line supplied by Davpack – as mentioned by Ellen – shop online at Davpack now. Connect with Davpack’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn for a chance to be included in future blogs!

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