E-commerce Growth In SME’s

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A recent survey carried out for packaging supplier, Davpack, highlights that small businesses operating within the e-commerce sector are optimistic about their growth going into the new year.


Despite the political and economical differences from last year, the Hospitality & Leisure, Finance and Retail industries have had significant growth within their e-commerce activity, compared to the same period last year. Businesses within the Construction and Manufacturing industries have also had a positive average growth of 20%, however this is with as much as 15% less than the leading industries in comparison.





By focusing our efforts on providing conveniently sized packs, businesses no longer need to invest large amounts of resources in warehouse space, neither do they need to dedicate long periods of time managing inventory directories.



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Rebecca Price

Rebecca is a marketing specialist here at Davpack. Her speciality is making companies visible online. Fan of shopping and beautiful shoes. Davpack

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