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Protective packaging solutions over the years have become innovative, diverse and customer centric. With more void fill options available businesses are now able to serve a wider range of customers including international buyers.


Staff discussing what void fill options best suit their products

To some, Protective solutions such as void fill are sometimes considered a waste product, as the receiver of the parcel may often dispose of them once goods arrive in good condition.

Many companies are now moving away from traditional polystyrene chips, to more innovative solutions such as air, paper or foam based protective solutions. Within the protective packaging industry, manufacturers are becoming competitive at providing and supporting varied products for businesses, which is a positive for businesses, customers and their products. Therefore sourcing and selecting the correct protective inner packaging needs important consideration.

Over the years, void fill has continued to be a top seller for us as business and with customer needs evolving protective packaging products are becoming more sophisticated, thus presenting more protective packaging options available to choose from. However like any purchase, aspects need to be considered before making the big switch; product value, budget available, transit journey of the product and ultimately customer perception.


Paper Based Void Fill                                                                                                                        Environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable.

The foot pedal operated paper based cushioning system crimples, dispenses and cuts paper into the machine and acts as a perfect solution for blocking or bracing multiple products packaged within one parcel. Available on a monthly rental option, the paper based void fill is quick, easy and cost effective for businesses that operate within manufacturing environments and require a fast dispatching process, where void fill is required to fill up empty spaces within one type of dispatch box size.

For businesses responsible for recording their environmental footprint the cardboard shredder is the most viable option for reusing cardboard packaging. Shredding up to 2,000 litres worth of cardboard in less than an hour, the shredded result produces matted protection for inside packaging and also acts as an alternative void fill against bubble wrap. Available for purchase, the machine has no recurring monthly cost and can be ready to use immediately.

Ideal for wrapping products individually before placing in outer packaging or for use as a blocking and bracing mechanism within packages, for less than £10 for a pack of 480 sheets of paper, this paper based void fill is ideal for environments that do not consumer or waste large quantities of cardboard, but dispatch a number of individual items into one parcel.

Alternatively using the power of colour, protective packaging not only improves your customers unboxing experience, but the reusable value not only doubles up to protect the product during initial delivery, but defends the product from damage and protects the re-sale value should the product need sending back.



Air Based Void Fill                                                                                                                                     Environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable

Air void fill solution follows the same principle as paper based packaging, but using film instead of paper and offering outright purchase or monthly rental. For businesses currently storing bulky void fill material this option would be highly beneficial for saving space in the warehouse or packing area.

Requiring a machine to fill and seal the air in, air cushion void fill is becoming very popular, due to its durability, environmental impact, storage and disposal benefits.  While the initial outlay cost of purchasing the machine may be high, this type of protective packaging would save money in the long run, with less material being used to fulfil the same void fill space. The stronger the film used to seal in the air, the more durable the packaging during the transit process!

For businesses using the machine in more than one place, the cost of increasing the pace of the dispatching process and making the process  simpler and easier processes for packers outweighs the cost.

For businesses wanting to trial an air based void fill solution, Bubl Bag and air shock bubble pods are perfect market entry choices. Filled with either an air compressor or hand pump, the product stays in place during the transport process as its edges and corners are cushioned by air. Unless the catch is released, the inbuilt smart technology traps the air in place and prevents the bag from over inflating, making this form of packaging easy to use, cost effective and reusable, more so for digital warehouses where barcodes can be scanned without releasing the air.


Foam Based Void Fill                                                                                                                                                                                                              Reusable

Custom foam packaging no longer needs to take weeks to arrive, thanks to air packaging experts Sealed Air whose Instapak foam packaging can take seconds to inflate. Delivered flat for easy storage, the automatic foam molds itself around the product once set to form. Perfect for protecting delicate or high value items, this option drastically reduces the chances of transit shifting whilst on route.

For businesses looking to transit their protective packaging range with custom foam packaging, the Davpack Foam packaging starter kit is an ideal choice. Made up of various shaped sizes that can withstand different weights and lengths, each foam pack has the ability to expand up to 27 times more its own size.


                                    Liquid Based Void Fill

A highly absorbent and non-flammable alternative to packing peanuts, Vermiculite can absorb up to four times its weight in liquid! The easy to dispose of, UN certified liquid void fill is designed to contain spillages or scent whilst on transport.

For businesses sending hazardous liquid through 3rd logistics channels, Vermiculite is an ideal option.


While each business needs to consider these options against their unique product range, the void fill protective packaging solutions available from Davpack highlight there is something available for every business! So don’t let your products arrive damaged, due to using unsuitable protective packaging materials.


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