Is Your Parcel ‘Letter Box Compatible’?

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With an increasing number of us taking to the internet for shopping, its only wise to start thinking of ways to improve the efficiency and experience of delivering products to our customers. People tend to shop online for the convenience of it (amongst other things), so having to wait around for a package to arrive or picking it up from a post office can sometimes defeat the object of online shopping in the first place. This can be made worse when the item in question has excessive packaging, meaning that rather than opening your door after work and being greeted by it on your door mat, you now need to head to the nearest sorting office and wait in a que to collect it.



To make the whole process less hassle for whoever is on the receiving end of the delivery, evaluate your products and think about which ones you could package in a way that makes it letter box compatible. Letter boxes can vary in size but are generally around 254mm x 38mm in size. Consider whether your product would fit comfortably in packaging such as a padded envelope or large letter box, which have been specifically designed to be letter box compatible. Also think about whether it needs additional protection from foam and bubble wrap etc as this can take up a lot of space in the interior of your packaging. If it is likely to compromise the protection of the product don’t try and cram it in as this will just cause other problems for you. However, packaging such as padded envelopes, book boxes and letter boxes are ideal for products such as DVD’s, magazines and small electrical items and will still provide them with a great level of protection whilst fitting through a letter box.



Not only will it benefit your customers from more successful and hassle-free deliveries, but you can also cut your postal costs. According to the Royal Mails guidelines, an item is classed as a large letter if it weighs up to 750g, and has the maximum dimensions of 353mm L x 250mm W x 25mm H. You can grab yourself an inexpensive royal mail PIP (Pricing in Proportion) template to help you find out quickly and easily what the parcel classification is and if it is letter box compatible. It might help you save you some time rather than getting bogged down measuring the dimensions of all the packages you are sending out. The cost of posting a large letter at its maximum weight and dimensions via first class is £2.60. For a small parcel at its lowest weight and dimensions via first class it’s £3.45. That’s an increase of almost 33 percent which you or your customer might not need to be paying. As a one off it might not seem like much, but if you’re paying for the postage yourself, for every 100 products you post you would be saving £85.00 which for a small or start up business could make a big difference.

By making the delivery process more efficient, you stand to gain good reviews and feedback from your customers due to a better customer experience. So why not make the changes and start benefiting from letter box compatible packaging!

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