The Power of Colour: An Essential Feature of Packaging

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Adding colour to your packaging doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think…

As with most packaging materials, a cost effective option always exists to suit different budgets and adding colour to packaging is no exception. The power of colour has the ability to enhance the appearance of your parcel without compromising on quality!


So in what ways can the power of colour can be utilized on your packaging without it costing a fortune for a growing business…

1.Buying from stock

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing stocked products is the shorter lead times in comparison to having to wait for the product to arrive with your supplier from the manufacturer. With in-stock packaging products you often find that your order qualifies for same working day dispatch which means you can get it the very next day which completely bypasses extended lead times and most often high minimum order quantities.

Asides the in-stock benefits you can gain, colour can help businesses separate deliveries with products such as coloured stretch film, helping delivery drivers and operators identify quickly which pallets are for which customer.

2. A strong brand image

For growing brands looking to achieve a strong brand image, sticking to one or two colours and a specific style is often best for consistency. It’s useful to know the Pantone reference of your brand colours for any custom printed items, however the base colour of the product, for example brown cardboard or white tape, will also have an impact on the finished print. Consider selecting primary colours over more unusual tones to make the job of colour consistency that little bit easier!

3. Reinforce your product value

With a wide choice of colour options available in the market these days, adding colour to your current packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. Take for instance decorative loops; available from only 9p each, these are one of the most affordable additions that can be used to complete a parcel or gift. Used alongside a gloss gift box, you can add a touch of luxury and professionalism to your products presentation. These packaging choices add extra value to your product and indicates to your customers that you have really considered their unboxing experience.

For businesses selling emotive products such as personalised gifts, hand finished or custom made items, the unboxing experience formulates part of a positive service. The finishing touch of a products packaging can make the product within look more luxurious, so consider where you can include golds, silvers and metallic finishes to your packaging selection.

4. Connect to your customers

Let’s face it, there’s nothing particularly exciting about a standard brown cardboard box with a piece of buff tape to secure the flaps. Through the power of colour, a business can appear more professional through custom printing their logo on the boxes, tape or both! Or by simply choosing a fresh white cardboard box with coloured tape as an unbranded vibrant alternative. Utilising this extra level of creativity will improve the business image and help gain a stronger connection with the recipient, in turn making your deliveries and your brand more memorable. (Learn more about how here).


Colourful packaging creates two effects; an emotional and a physical connection. Emotionally colourful packaging can affect how consumers feel when they look at a brand, while practically it can help a growing business stand out from the crowd


Avoid reducing the value of your product with sub-standard packaging and consider taking the time out to add some colour to your packaging options without having to compromise on quality. After all a simple change can help your business appear more creative and will captivate your customers before they have even opened the parcel!

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