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The econoRange has been introduced by Davpack as a way of supporting start-up businesses, to control and manage the cost of their packaging supplies. With rising prices throughout businesses, the need to control and manage costs, including packaging, is increasing. So, for less than £1 a parcel, you can box up, wrap with protected film, and secure with custom tape, all ready for your goods to be dispatched!

The low cost econoBOX range is made up of 3 different box styles, differentiated by the board type which dictates the size and weight capacity. Made from corrugated cardboard and recyclable material, the econoBOX focus’ on accommodating different uses, after all one box does not fit all!


Ideal for shipping small or delicate items such as replacements tools, the Easifold cardboard box is a sturdy option to use. Once perfectly placed, this box type allows for less void material to be used. This not only contributes to a more sustainable packing process, but with shorter heights than standard boxes, the packing and dispatch process can be completed more efficiently. Just like most cuboid boxes the simple to erect box uses the flaps to better protect the enclosed content.  Available from just 12p per box these easily foldable options, with approximate 2mm thickness, are an affordable way to send out goods.


With a wider thickness of between 2.7mm and 2.9mm, we advise to use our standard econobox for transporting or storing larger yet still lightweight items. For businesses who are sending multiple items to one customer, filling spaces in-between multiple products with air compressed protective packaging can help you to ensure your parcels are packed efficiently, without having to send more than one package to the same customer. Not only is this a cost effective solution on minimising postage charges, but by wrapping the box with customised printed tape (as an alternative for plain versions), this can also empower your customers unboxing experience at the same time.


This box strength is a great option for businesses that transport items on pallets, with a thickness of around 3.5mm to 3.7mm thick. This style is an alternative to the lighter duty options, to showcase the resistance against compression damage (once stacked on-top of one another). This ‘stronger’ econoBOX can also maintain its shape for reuse.


For more information visit our econoRANGE page and find more about our useful ranges that can not only save you money, but can help you identify what resources could suit your business needs more effectively.

Our ranges include:

  • econoBox
  • econoPOST
  • econoBUBBLE
  • econoKRAFT
  • econoSTRETCH
  • econoBOOK
  • econoTAPE
  • econoFILL

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Sarah Hickson

With more than seven years experience as a member of the Davpack sales team, there are few who know more about the range of packaging materials we sell than Sarah. She recently left the company to become a full-time mother, but still maintains regular contact with her former colleagues. As well as sharing her own accumulated wisdom and experience on the blog, Sarah is looking forward to passing on stories from the front line of packaging sales. Davpack

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