Why Choose Bubble Wrap?

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If you’re an eCommerce seller, moving to a new house, or just need to get items from A to B in one piece, chances are you’ll want to use some form of protective packaging. But with a wide range of protective packaging options out there why should you pick bubble wrap? 

It’s highly protective 

One of the main factors that makes bubble wrap an ideal form of protective packaging is that it has some of the best protective properties out there. The individual bubbles encase your products in a highly shock-absorbent layer that is effective at protecting items from impacts, crushing pressure and abrasions. It’s also extremely easy to adjust the level of protection you want to add to your product by simply wrapping your item in more layers of bubble wrap. Alternatively, you can tailor the type of bubble wrap to your specific product, using our small bubble for lightweight fragile items or our large bubble for heavier items in need of extra protection.

Bubble Wrap And Cups

It’s Widely Available 

As bubble wrap is probably the most widely available protective packaging out there, and certainly one of the most popular forms of protective packaging here at Davpack. This means it’s extremely easy to get hold of, and as we keep it permanently in stock so we can get it to you as quickly as the next working day, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of it. On top of that, we have a wide range of sizes to suit your needs, from handy 300mm wide rolls for small items to 1500mm wide rolls for your larger products. And If standard rolls aren’t your thingyou can also opt for bubble bags that you can simply pack and seal with their self-sealing strips. 

Stacks Of Bubble Wrap

It’s lightweight 

As the bulk of bubble wrap is comprised of air-filled pockets it’s no wonder that even large rolls are extremely lightweight. This helps to add exceptional protection to your products without the risk of adding extra weight to your parcels and increasing shipping costs. Not only that, but it makes it super easy and convenient to move around your business when needed. 

Holding Bubble Wrap

It’s easy to use  

Bubble wrap is one of the easiest forms of protective packaging out there to use. Unlike something like air cushion packaging (although we also think that air cushion packaging is great with its own unique features), bubble wrap doesn’t need any fancy equipment that needs to be used in conjunction with it before it can start adding protection to your products. You can simply wrap your product in it straight off the roll, cut it, and secure it with some tape and that’s it. As well as that, it’s very flexible and can be used on a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of products making it highly versatile. 

Chairs Wrapped In Bubble Wrap

It’s extremely affordable 

Not only does bubble wrap help keep your shipping costs low but it’s also a great deal from the get-go! Here at Davpack, we keep our prices competitive and the more bubble wrap you buy, the cheaper it will be per roll with our excellent quantity discounts! And with some of our bubble wrap being supplied on 200m rolls you get a lot of bubble for your money. 


 Since its creation in 1960, bubble wrap has become the go-to option for protective packaging and with the reasons listed above, it’s easy to see why. With the increase in eCommerce businesses and the need for protecting items in the post, it’s even more important to use than ever before. With a wide range of popular choices at great prices and the option for next day delivery, Davpack is a great choice for all your bubble wrap needs! 

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