Creating Vintage Postal Parcels

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Many of the e-commerce packages we receive look the same, box with tape and a dispatch notice on the front, which might be perfectly functional, but can look pretty boring and doesn’t do anything for enhancing your brand. If you’re wanting to try out something different for your postal packaging why not try creating vintage postal parcels for a simple classy look to wow your customers?


1. For the first step in creating vintage postal parcels you’ll want to select a postal box that is the right size for your product. We suggest one that is brown, as it looks a bit more rustic and works with the vintage theme better. If you need to add some protective packaging opt for a paper option where possible, as plastic bubble wrap or packing peanuts will detract from the look (as effective as both of those products are).    

Brown Postal Box

2. After that, grab yourself some Kraft paperand wrap your postal box (with your product inside obviously) with it like you would a present. Secure it with some paper tape, again, to keep the vintage look to it. 

Postal Box Wrapped In Brown Kraft Paper

3. Once you’ve wrapped your parcel in Kraft paper, get some natural sisal twineand tie it over your parcel horizontally and then vertically, like in the picture below. 

Parcel Wrapped In Brown Paper And Twine

4. Now is the time to add any branding that you want on to your parcels, and we think the best way to do this in keeping with the vintage parcel theme is to use stamps. Depending on how far you want to go with it, you can find various services online that will carve a design of your choice on to a stamp head, or alternatively, you can find a wide range of pre-made stamps to find the best match for your brand. Once you’ve decided which one you will choose, simply stamp the design onto the front of your parcel, add the name, address and postage stamp and you’re good to go! 

Complete Parcel With Brown Paper And Twine

We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration to do something a bit different to enhance the experience for your customers when they receive your parcels. If this isn’t for you, check out our other blog which looks at other ways to improve the unboxing experience for your customers, and how branded packaging can have a huge knock on effect in retaining your customers.  

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