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A-Z of Packaging

With over 45 years in the packaging business, there’s a fair amount of experience and knowledge about the subject here at Davpack. On a quick visit to the pub after work one Friday evening, we started trying to work out if we could come up with a different packaging product for each letter of the alphabet. We got pretty close, and afterwards thought it might be fun to represent our efforts as an infographic.

We hope you like the result!


With some 7000 different items on sale through the Davpack website, we weren’t short of things to consider for our A-Z, although it quickly became clear that some letters were going to be better represented than others. So, while some had a luxury of options for us to think about (‘P’ especially, as it incorporates all our protective and postal packaging, as well as anything polythene or polypropylene, not to mention ‘packaging’ itself), the selection process for other letters took no time at all. ‘Q’, ‘U’ and ‘Y’ failed to provide any alternatives to those featured.

And despite subsequently working our way through the whole Davpack website, we still haven’t come up with anything to represent ‘X’; if you can think of anything, we’d love to hear from you!