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The Ultimate Range of Moving Kits, Removal Boxes & Packaging Sundries

All you need for a quick, easy and stress-free move in one handy kit. Dispatched today and delivered in 1-2 working days!

Moving house requires the highest quality, yet best value packaging supplies — so all your needs are met. Below, we’ll talk you through packaging requirements and considerations, from specific cardboard box dimensions to any accessories you might have need of, and why Davpack’s moving kits are designed to meet them.

Our Moving Kits & Boxes. . .

Beware of Low Quality Imitations. . .

Basic 20 Box Moving Kit

Only £19.85 Per Kit

Storage Kit

Only £40.95 Per Kit

Office Moving Kit

Only £38.47 Per Kit

Small Printed Boxes

Only £11.72 Per 5

Medium Printed Boxes

Only £15.78 Per 5

Large Printed Boxes

Only £19.21 Per 5

Plastic Clothes Covers

From Only £38.22

Mini Foam Rolls

From Only £10.95

Furniture Covers

From Only £22.04


20 Boxes + 4 Packaging Sundries

Designed specifically for houses featuring 1-2 bedrooms, the kit is made up of 13 printed moving boxes ranging from small to large in size, 7 EconoBox cartons, as well as handy packaging sundries such as EconoBubble and polypropylene EconoTape — giving you all the necessary packaging supplies you need for a smooth moving transition.

For homes with 2-3 bedrooms, it can be tricky to work out the amount of packaging supplies you need. This moving kit contains 19 printed moving boxes, 10 EconoBox cartons and multiple packaging sundries. What’s more, the addition of the wardrobe box will help keep your clothes from getting crumpled up during the move.


40 Boxes + 7 Packaging Sundries

This moving kit will give you ample packaging products to easily pack up everything in your 4-5 bedroom house. Made up of a selection of essential packaging sundries, 25 printed moving boxes, 11 value EconoBox cartons, as well as 2 wardrobe boxes, you also have the feature of 2 archive storage boxes — so nothing needs to be left behind.

Everything you could possibly need for packing up and moving out of your home. With 30 printed moving boxes, 17 EconoBox cartons, 2 wardrobe cases, 2 archive storage boxes and a broad selection of additional sundries, the jumbo moving kit is there to give you the smoothest and most efficient moving period possible.

Other Popular Moving Kits & Boxes Availble In Stock Today!

Student Moving Kit

Only £21.95 Per Kit

Wardrobe Boxes

Only £11.01 Per Box

Office Moving Kit

Only £110.58 Per Kit

Archive Storage Boxes

Only £23.35 Per 10

Kitchen Packing Kit

Only £43.35 Per Kit