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SMEs Business Growth in the UK

Over a quarter of Startups (SMEs who have been trading for 5 years and under) have experienced e-commerce growth over the last 12 months. The results emphasise the importance of e-commerce for SMEs within the UK.

Davpack E-Commerce Growth Infographic
A recent YouGov survey conducted on behalf of Davpack Packaging has revealed that 28% of British startups (SMEs that have been trading for up to 5 years) have experienced growth in e-commerce over the last year. Growth in e-commerce continues to be an important aspect to UK companies as it becomes increasingly relevant to their sales platform. Startups seem to be taking full advantage of e-commerce with 71% reporting engagement, compared to more mature companies who have a weighted average of 66% engagement. Of all SMEs engaged in e-commerce, only 13% reported a decline in e-commerce sales, whilst 83% of SMEs are maintaining or growing e-commerce sales.