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Celebrating 50 Years In Packaging!

Davpack was founded by Henry Davenport in 1968 as Davenport Paper Company Ltd, which later became Davenport Packaging, before becoming shortened to Davpack! In early 2012 Davpack joined forces with Ratioform, which then formed a Packaging Solutions Division in TAKKT, the 2nd biggest supplier of packaging in Europe.

Stock ranges have expanded drammatically, along with investment in custom solutions and bespoke packaging. Today Davpack continues to expand with a winning formula of excellent choice, value and speed of delivery at the heart of its philosophy.

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With thousands of products available at unbeatable prices, with GET 1 FREE savings, you can be sure to find the right packaging to suit your needs. We supply everything from cardboard boxes to polythene packaging, as well as retail packaging, strapping, tapes and much more. Shop today and start saving!

Brown Single Wall Boxes

Crash Lock SW Boxes

Brown Double Wall Boxes

Long Boxes - Length
Opening SW


Long Boxes - Length
Opening DW

340+ Choices Available
8 Choices Available 350+ Choices Available 45+ Choices Available 13 Choices Available

Single Wall Flat Boxes

Double Wall Flat Boxes

Garment Dispatch Boxes

White Component Boxes

Brown Garment Boxes

17 Choices Available
10 Choices Available 2 Choices Available 15+ Choices Available 5 Choices Available

White Garment Boxes

Colompac Variable Crash Lock Box

Polythene Bags

Gusseted Polythene Bags

Coloured Mini Stretch Film Rolls

4 Choices Available
8 Choices Available 100+ Choices Available 40+ Choices Available 2 Choices Available

Black Plastic Sheeting

MG Coloured Tissue Paper

White News Offcuts

Cardboard Edge Guards

28mu Standard Acrylic Tape

2 Choices Available
8 Choices Available 5 Choices Available 15+ Choices Available 5 Choices Available

33mu Vinyl Packaging Tape

Hook & Loop Tape

3M Filament Tape Mono Weave

Glue Dots

Davpack Gold Bubble Envelopes

8 Choices Available
2 Choices Available 2 Choices Available 12 Choices Available 10+ Choices Available

Davpack White Bubble Envelopes

Jiffy Superlite Foam Envelopes

Cardboard Postal Tubes - Light Duty

Cardboard Postal Tubes - Medium Duty

Cardboard Postal Tubes - Heavy Duty

10 Choices Available
6 Choices Available 7 Choices Available 9 Choices Available 5 Choices Available

Brown Classic Book Boxes

Classic Book Boxes With Adhesive Strip

EconoPost Brown Postal Boxes

EconoPost White Postal Boxes

Brown Post Saver Large Letter Boxes

1 Choice Available
7 Choices Available 40+ Choices Available 35+ Choices Available 8 Choices Available

White Post Saver Large Letter Boxes

Brown Fast-Seal Postal Boxes

White Fast-Seal Postal Boxes

Colompac Parcel Dispatch Boxes

Telescopic Postal Boxes

8 Choices Available
10 Choices Available 7 Choices Available 6 Choices Available 20+ Choices Available

ParcelBox Cube Postal

ParcelBox Large Letter

Martor Ruck-Zuck Safety Knife

Polypropylene Strapping

Refuse Sacks

2 Choices Available
1 Choice Available 1 Choice Available 8 Choices Available 6 Choices Available

Plastic Storage Boxes With Clear Lids

Duo Coloured Paper Carriers

Paper Carriers With Flat Handles

Paper Carriers With Twisted Handles


1 Choice Available
5 Choices Available 10+ Choices Available 30 Choices Available  
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